My Style

My style is clean, simple, classic, timeless while still being fun and up to date. I pride myself in only buying the best props made from quality materials and that I know have the proper fit for my tiniest clients. I provide everything you will need for your session, from wraps, bloomers, pants, headbands, hats, you name it, I have it! I steer away from everything super trendy. I want you to look at your photos 5 years from now and still love them just as much as you do the first time you see them. I don’t want you to think why did we dress our baby up like silly duck or any other random animal.

I love neutral colors: creams, tans, browns, grey, soft pinks and blues. Every photo I take I want you to ask yourself: Would I hang this on my wall? Could anyone hang this in their home? Will I still love this in 5 years?